Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising plays a crucial role in showcasing your brand and determining how customers engage with your product and store. We understand the importance of creating an engaging experience that attracts customers and maximises sales. We work with some of the world’s leading brands and retailers to create an ever-changing in-store environment. Whether that’s monthly window campaigns, in-store ‘activation’ zones or as simple as a poster, we do it all. We have a full design studio to utilize that covers conceptual, industrial, graphic and finished artists.

T2 Matcha Campaign

T2 tasked us with the challenge of creating a concept to encourage a customer journey in-store for their Matcha Campaign. We came up with a directional concept using the Matcha Colour Pallete and floor decal to move customers through the store. As they enter the door, customers reach the launch table with giant T2 Matcha boxes introducing the range. Next, they're meet with vibrant tasting bar stands inviting them to test and find out more about the range.

HOH NBA Campaign

We launched the House of Hoops NHB in Footlocker stores to display the presence of NBA and showcase the new season. We achieved the desired effect through the use of multiple touch points, including window displays, activation zones, frames with suspended NBA jerseys and plinths.

All The Stories Are True

We updated converse stores throughout Australia and New Zealand for their "All The Stories Are True" Campaign. Managing the production and installation of new window displays, in-store table displays and changing room graphics. This campaign was to promote the history of Chuck Taylors and create a meaningful experience for customers as they reflect on their memories with the brand.

Nike Phantom Vision

We partnered with Nike to execute the Phantom Vision global directive at Ultra Football. We managed the production and installation of graphics throughout, an updated launch zone, football wall and display cubes.

"Nike has worked with OPG for many years and have found them to be an invaluable retail VM execution partner. They are creative, responsive, knowledgeable, flexible and ultra-reliable.” - Kim Placko-Orchard, Nike Retail Brand Director
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